A young woman wanted to work at Goldman Sachs, and she got through some interviews, except for the screening part when the company discovered she was a former porn star.

The woman went by the stage name Shizuka Minamoto, and did porn when she was a student at university. She obtained a job offer from Goldman Sachs Tokyo after graduation.


“She doesn’t regret her career in AV,” an industry insider told Tokyo Reporter. “But she was afraid of people finding out about it when she started job hunting. So she sent cease-and-desist orders to video sites that were illegally uploading her films.”


She described why she joined the adult video industry:

“I decided to appear in AV because I am intrigued by male genitals,” she said. “I scored 935 on the TOEIC exam (an English proficiency exam with the highest possible score of 990).”


Goldman Sachs didn't cite her previous career as a porn star as the reason for rejection, but they did state the decision was based on her private life not conforming to company policy.


So if you've ever been a porn star before, and you're good at investment banking, don't hope for a job at Goldman Sachs.