It seems like Soomi has been cast in the new MBC drama "Miss Ripley"! After a rumor began a while ago about Soomi being cast in a drama, the official "Miss Ripley" website updated their site today with all of the cast members and included in the cast was Soomi.

Sadly, they used Seeya's Boram for her picture instead of Soomi (fail), but people have already pointed it out to them in ways so it should be changed soon hopefully.

Soomi is playing the role of Jo Eunbum who is "a hotel employee who gets strong in front of the weak fox-like people (T/N: usually towards women who act seductively, fake that they're weak) and shows cuteness towards strong people. She's very vain, jealous, and has a baseless confidence."

You might of noticed how Soomi didn't appear with the rest of 5dolls in "The Greatest Love" where they were all cast, and that's because Soomi wasn't able to be appearing in both dramas at the same time.

The first episode of "Miss Ripley" starts tomorrow on May 30th and includes a wide variety of big name actors and actors from the same company as Soomi.

Credit: Nathaniel + crazeecores @ Core Clique