Now that the weather is perfect outside and the temperatures have settled down for a nice, long summer, it’s important to put the planet first and start being more eco-friendly. Summer is a great time to get back into the habit of prioritizing the planet. The nicer weather also provides more opportunities to get involved and help make more of an impact in your area’s commitment to the environment. Here are 10 things you can do this summer to help the planet.


1. Get Outside More

With the better weather in the summer, you and your family can start going outside more. Now that there’s more sunlight and warmer temperatures, there are much more opportunities to enjoy yourself out in your backyard in the neighborhood than inside in your living room watching television or playing on the computer. Being outside is much more refreshing for your body than being shut in your room. It also helps you and your family use much less energy and reduces your carbon footprint.

2. Turn Off Lights

The longer days of summer means you can also reduce the number of lights you leave on inside. During the last year, people in this country used nearly 279 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity just for lighting. With the increase in natural light outside, it’s not necessary to leave the lights on during the warmer times of the year. Committing to turning off lights and keeping them off throughout the summer could make an impact on that number.

3. Shop for Local Produce

The summer season is also a great time for fruit and vegetable harvests all over the country. One way you can help support the planet is to get over to your local farmer’s market and patronize small businesses selling local produce. Choose seasonal varieties of fruits and vegetables for your meals this summer instead of opting for the grocery store and selecting exotic products or items from other regions of the world. This way, you can help reduce the number of produce trucks making deliveries all over the world.

4. Grow Your Own

Even better than shopping for local produce for your dinner plate is opting to grow your own. In spring, you can commit to starting your own fruit and vegetable garden. Research the best options for produce in your area and learn how to cultivate each item. You can make a commitment to sustainability for your family and even select foods that are healthy and contribute to your overall wellness.

5. Bike or Walk

Another way you can help be more green this summer is to reduce your vehicle usage. If your destination is close, go on foot. When the weather is nice and clear, take your bike instead of firing up your car’s engine.

6. Choose Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

The summer sun can be powerful and damaging to your skin if you stay outside without protection. Sunscreen is a necessary tool for any summer activity out in the elements. Be sure to check your label or do some research to find an eco-friendly brand this year.

7. Hang Your Clothes to Dry

The beautiful weather outside means you can also give your electric dryer a rest. When your clothes are done in the wash, set up an old fashioned clothes line in your backyard. Hang your clothes and let the sun and fresh air give your wardrobe a fresh, clean smell.

8. Learn About Environmental Projects

In addition to taking action to lower your energy use and be more responsible as a consumer, you can also learn more about local or national environmental projects that are making a difference. Instead of picking up an easy beach read when you’re lounging by the pool, learn more about environmental projects, such as the Cadiz Water Project in California. Find out how you can help support these beneficial ventures.

9. Schedule a Staycation

For most families, summer is a time for going on vacation and making memories. You can make your time together better for the planet if you choose a staycation this year instead of opting for an exotic, faraway destination. Make it special by scheduling plenty of fun outdoor activities at home with you and your family.

10. Collect Rainwater

A final action you can take this summer to keep the planet healthier is to pay more attention to your water usage. It’s tempting to overuse water during the summer because of the great weather. A better idea is to take steps to collect more water and conserve the water you already use. Hot summer days sometimes end in powerful thunderstorms, which offer plenty of water collection opportunities.

This summer, make a commitment to practicing earth-friendly activities. Reduce your electricity and water usage, make better choices at the store, and spend more time outside experiencing the beauty of this planet. Keep your eco-friendly habits up beyond the summer to make even more of a difference.