When it comes to sex, you need to know how to improve your game. There are so many great things that sexy can provide, but you need to know what you’re doing. The important thing to remember is that sex is something you can improve at, but it takes practice. These are some fantastic tips you can use to make yourself better at sex.

Learn From Bad Experiences

The most important thing when trying to make yourself a better lover is to learn from bad experiences. Everyone who has ever had sex will have had some bad experiences. And the best thing to do is to learn from these and use them to help you improve as a lover. Consider your own bad experiences, and research other people's as well. There are plenty of Reddit WTF stories that will send you running for the hills or rolling on the floor. Make sure you absorb these stories and learn about them as much as you can.

Always be Safe

It’s so important these days to make sure you’re practicing safe sex. This means you need to make use of protection and birth control like condoms or the pill. It also means you should probably try to limit the number of sexual partners you have. Make sure you go and get yourself tested on a frequent basis as well. It’s important to make sure that you are clean and that the sex you’re having is good clean fun. Safe sex is a must these days, so make sure you learn all about it. And talk to your partner about it to make sure they are comfortable with everything before you start.



It’s clear that sex used to exist as a means of reproduction. But now it is also a fun and recreational pastime! Many people enjoy having sex, and will often have numerous sexual partners. This is fine as long as the sex is safe. But, it’s also important to make the most of it as much as you can. Experimenting is one of the most fun parts about sex, and you can get plenty of hot sex toys online.  You and your partner(s) might have ideas about the things you’d like to try out. But, you can always use the internet or Kama Sutra for other ideas as well.

Be Respectful

Sex is as much about respecting your partner as it is about kinkiness. You have to understand that people have boundaries with sex. It’s such a delicate matter that you need to tread carefully. Find out what your partner likes and doesn't like and where their boundaries are. But, don't stop halfway through to ask. Instead, you might want to come up with a safe word that the two of you can use if things go off course. Showing respect for your lover’s needs and interests is very sexy and will improve things in the bedroom.
Sex is an important part of a relationship and of life in general. So many people worry about whether they are any good at sex and how it will affect their relationship. If you are a little self-conscious about your bedroom prowess, you need to make sure follow tips to help make you a better lover.