Tuesday, May 21, 2019
BEAST will pre-release the track 'Butterfly' ahead their comeback.
Taeyeon's first major solo concert has been confirmed for this July and August.
Much to many fans's excitement, it was revealed that Taeyeon's upcoming solo concert 'Taeyeon, Butterfly Kiss' has been postponed.
On January 2nd, C-CLOWN’s Rome updated his personal Instagram with a teaser video of his new project called 'The Butterfly Effect.'
Boyfriend is now confirmed of doing an OST for the Korean movie 'The Snow Queen 2.'
Sunny Hill sang a live cover of YB's 'A Flying Butterfly' to uplift the spirit of the high school students who are going to take College Scholastic Ability Test.
EXO expresses their gratitude for the consecutive wins of 'Monster' on music shows by releasing their practice video. Perhaps it's their black outfits that make the atmosphere even cooler or it's just the boys' charisma and their flawless dancing skills !
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