Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Despite the storm she had been through before, she has only shown her strong image but this time, on broadcast, Tzuyu sheds tears for the first time while mentioning her family.
Source: Nate

[+520 -24] Tzuyu's pretty but Cao Lu looks really youthful too. They seem like caring people.
Real Name: Zhou TzuyuStage Name: TzuyuBirthday: 14-06-1999Position: Maknae, Vocalist, Face of the GroupHeight: 170 cmWeight: 48 kg
EXO expresses their gratitude for the consecutive wins of 'Monster' on music shows by releasing their practice video. Perhaps it's their black outfits that make the atmosphere even cooler or it's just the boys' charisma and their flawless dancing skills !
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