Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Taewoon, member of the hybrid group, Coed, will make his drama debut in the MBC weekend drama, "Can You Hear My Heart?".
Idol group member, One Light Hyoyoung (Ryu Hyoyoung), has been cast in a new drama by Hong Jamae.
Girl groups recently have flooded the music industry. 5dolls were one of them, and able to dazzle fans no matter their age. Soomi (22), Chanmi (19), Hyewon (16), Hyoyoung (18), and the youngest Eunkyo (16) are the 5dolls who aim to get a rookie award this year.
Chanmi of the girl group 5dolls is a hot topic after an old stage performance was released.
5dolls' Hyoyoung's injury still is not fully better, but despite the circumstances gives a bigger fighting spirit for activities.
10-member group Coed's female member only unit '5dolls' came out.
Hello! There will be filming in the hospital (?).

[TVReport] The picture of an elementary student, Starlight Chanmi, a member of Coed School was revealed to attract attention.
5dolls, the first girl group unit in the hybrid group, Co.Ed, revealed a picture with all five member's new looks in it.
Jeon Boram (T-ara) and his father Jeon Yeongrok is playing together in a musical. T-ara and Co-Ed member went to the musical for support.
EXO expresses their gratitude for the consecutive wins of 'Monster' on music shows by releasing their practice video. Perhaps it's their black outfits that make the atmosphere even cooler or it's just the boys' charisma and their flawless dancing skills !
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