Sunday, October 25, 2020
Yes, another girl group is set to debut next month (August) and they are called Rania consists of 7 members under DR MUSIC.
Because not all moments are turned into full out articles.
"I don't think of myself as an actor yet. My acting is still lacking."
Park Jaebum's movie, 'Hype Nation,' has revealed that the movie will be produced 100% in 3D. 
Jay Park's upcoming movie Hype nation is gathering a lot of attention anywhere around the world. T-ae from upcoming girl group RaNia who has a role of Jay's younger sister on the movie lays down on the floor for filming. Same with Jay.
Park Jaebeom has been revealed to have been working out and has toned his muscles even more.
Park Jaebeom who will be making his comeback as a movie star showed his determination by saying "I'm proud to be Korean".
Ironically, this article popped out before Jay set to arrive in Korea in just a few hours. Everyone are holding their breath for Jay 's arrival and not paying much attention in what the reason behind. Yes, he's filming a movie in Korea. But this is disturbing that the movie, Hype Nation suddenly became questionable and raises confusion. Read below.
Japanese American actor Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa has joined the movie Jaebum will be starring in, 'Hype Nation.'
Michael Jackson's producer will be training a Korean female group
EXO expresses their gratitude for the consecutive wins of 'Monster' on music shows by releasing their practice video. Perhaps it's their black outfits that make the atmosphere even cooler or it's just the boys' charisma and their flawless dancing skills !
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