Married last May, Lee Sun-kyoon (Paju, Triple) and actress Jun Hye-jin (Naked Kitchen) have a bouncing bundle of joy!

November 25, 2009, at 11:30 in the morning, Jung Hye-jin delivered a healthy baby boy in Seoul.

Insiders say, “The baby takes after his father and mother, he is a very handsome boy, with well-defined features.” I’m sure these good-looking people had a good-looking baby. If he gets his father’s divine voice, that would be even better!

Lee Sun-kyoon commented, “Filming for my new drama ‘Pasta’ started together with the birth of my son. I am all the more pleased,” and “This drama, like my son, is a precious work that I will always remember.”

Congratulations to the new parents! And good luck in the new drama!

Source; popseoul