On the 11th, Ok Joo Hyun released some selcas of actress Goo Hye Sun posing in a gag like way.

Along with the photo came a message which read:

This is for cute Hye Sun: Are you doing some funny dance? Body dance? Body aegyo? Anyways, doesn’t she look like a little girl?

In the picture, Goo Hye Sun fits nicely with a short haircut and natural white skin, making her look exceptionally gorgeous. Netizens who viewed this photo replied:

‘She looks so cute!’

‘ It looks like a doll dancing.’

‘I think Ok Joo Hyun likes and adores Goo Hye Sun.’

Goo Hye Sun and Ok Joo Hyun, along with other famous actors/actresses teamed up for a drama,The Musical, focusing on love, future occupations, and the average teenage lives.

The broadcast date is yet to be decided.