Although based on the Nate, Naver and Cyworld's Daily Mobile Charts k-blacjakcs have known for several hours, Instiz has finally update their site certifying Lonely's Perfect All-Kill.

Recall that a Perfect All-Kill is when in addition to being #1 on the Top 7 Korean Digital Music Sites (Daily), the song ALSO has the best streaming "glade" ie: mobile ringtones and caller ringtones. The only other singers to get a Perfect All Kill this year, is our very own Park Bom for Don't Cry and I Am a Singer contestant Kim Bum Soo. Congratulations to 2NE1 and to all the Blackjacks and fans who are enjoyingLonely.

Yesterday, we reported that Lonely was in 2nd place behind Sistar's Ma Boy for Cyworld Digital Song of the Month for May.
As of a few hours ago however, Lonely is in First Place. Keep in mind that there are still two weeks left in the month so this could change. We will keep you updated on Lonely's status.

Source: Cyworld Digital Music Awards and Instiz iChart
Article and Caps by Tazanya