Thanks for Running in to The Sun and Conceptual, Daily Kpop News is honored to be able to cover The 1st SHINee World Concert in Singapore. The five shining boys finally made their first concert in Singapore. The concert which was held at Singapore Indoor Stadium started around 6.00 pm. Even though the gate opened delayed about one hour from the scheduled time.
SHINee who has been very busy in Japan arrived in Singapore right on the day they had their concert, Saturday 10 September 2011.

SHINee who was already spent more than 3 years being a succesful contemporary band brought a lot of surprising event to every SHINee World in The 1st SHINee World Concert In Singapore.
With extraordinary lighting, stage and of course their super performances, SHINee blew the fans right to the sky.

About 6000 fans around the world, most likely people who lived in ASEAN countries, went to Singapore only for watching SHINee 1st Concert in Singapore and we bet they wouldn't regret their decision since SHINee brought the best to their fans.

Right when the Concert started, the lighting dimed, all the fans waved their pearl aqua light stick on the air and screamed for SHINee. It was overwhelming moment with all the people and the love for SHINee in the air.

SHINee sang 29 songs from their album which are SHINee World, Senorita, Get Down, Amigo, Julliette, Hello, Your Name, Stand By Me, Love Still Goes on, Taemin's solo ( Boy Meets Girl), Minho's Solo (Oh My God), Jonghyun's solo ( Lost Love), Key's Solo ft Taemin (My first kiss), A-yo, Romantic, Obsession, Life, Onew's Solo (Nessun Dorma), Korean lullaby, Replay, Love Like Oxygen, Ring Ding Dong, Up and Down, Ready or Not, Lucifer, Jojo,and One.

With 3 huge LCD screen, every fans could enjoy seeing them sing and dance. Every solo stage that they performed brought the fans to be histerical. Taemin with his great vocal and dance skill. Minho with his perfect yet sexy body. Jonghyun with his sweet mellody. Key with his powerful funky style and his interaction with Taemin. Onew with his beautiful voice and opera ability.

Five slings already prepared for lift them up to the sky. There once when Jonghyun fly and having fireworks on his hands then turn around made a great effect. On Korean lullaby, Taemin, Key, Jonghyun, and Minho appeared on the stage with white surplices and went to a young boy on the center of the stage. Where is Onew? Well all of a sudden Onew appeared with a huge wings and flew to the kid then embraced him. It was a very sweet performances.

When Lucifer ended, 'Thank You' appeared on the 3 big screen which made the fans went crazily scream for encore. They screamed, ' SHINee! SHINee!' over and over again til they came out again with a pearl blue tshirt written SHINee World.

Next 23rd September, one of SHINee member, The Almighty Key having his birthday. well, all the fans united. On the encore, all the fans held out a red banner written 'Happy Ki's Day' made Key smiled and teared up. Every one sang Happy Birthday to Key and SHINee members were playing with Key too. Onew and Taemin wore a blue blangkon ( Indonesian traditional hat), Jonghyun wore cute cow hat, Key wore cute pink hat with Taemin's name written on that.

Key said,' It was so good performing in front of Singapore fans. Do you enjoy it?" Fans quickly answered 'yes'. Minho also said ' I love you Singapore' over and over again.

At last but not least, SHINee members went through every corner of the stage and bow their head down and said 'thank you' again and again.

Here the pictures.Check it out :)

After all, it's was a very happy moment for the SHINee World to enjoy the 1st SHINee World Concert in Singapore. They will do their 1st SHINee World Concert closing back in Japan.
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Photos by cynthia
article by dajeonglee