Well,i guess you have seen many amazing KPop rooms of DKPOPNEWS' readers,seriously my KPop room is not as impressive as theirs,but since i promised some readers that i will show my KPop room here once we have received 10 submissions for this section,so i will just share some photos of the upgraded version of my KPop room with you guys.

Monitor displaying DKPOPNEWS,my second home

IPad 2 and Laptop for working,playing,studying and ETC,SHINee's calendar got from Malaysia YG Magazine.

My posters collections,f(x)'s Hot Summer,T-ara's Roly Poly,SNSD's Run Devil Run and 2PM's Hands Up.Got these posters when i purchase the original albums during my Korea trip 2 months ago

My table desk,SNSD's Vita 500 collection,i need 2PM with me when studying,haha,besides,i am from Malaysia,a USM main campus student ^ ^

Korea's national flag

 My KPop albums,roughly 150 albums...I have to agree with the saying that KPop fans can never be rich TT

 The name tag i obtained when i watched Music Bank Live on 1st June 2011
 Spiderman + KPop
 Another free gift when i visited KBS 2 months ago

The book that guided me throughout my Korea trip

Used to be a huge soccer fan,but thanks to KPop,i am no longer having football fever,but KPop fever instead,but i still watch every single Manchester United' matches.MANU failed to win against Stoke yesterday,the game ended 1-1
 My posters

So,do you have any opinions to share concerning my KPop room??

How many points out of 10??