In the second episode of SBS TV’s The Musical, which aired on the 9th, Bae Kang Hee (played by Ok Joo Hyun) visited Hong Jay (played by Choi Daniel) after Ko Eun Bi (played by Ku Hye Sun)’s audition.

Jay opened the door expecting Eun Bi, but Kang Hee was there. Kang Hee wore a smile and kissed him saying, “Long time no see.”

Jay compared Eun Bi with Kang Hee by saying, “I guess you’ve heard? I knew that you’d come and tell me about her audition. She makes me think a lot. She has the same energy as Kang Hee, but has a different color.”

Listening to what Jay is saying, Kang Hee walked up to Jay. Jay gave her the tea cup. Kang Hee says, “I believe that I was one of the reasons you stopped doing musical; if you decide to come back, I think that it should be done with me. There is a young businessman who is investing heavily on our theater.” and offered Jay a job.

Kang Hee seduced Jay even on her way out. She kept asking Jay to promise her and kissed him on the cheeks.

Choi Daniel rode a train to pick Eun Bi up from her home, and gave her a surprise kiss on the way back together.

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