Only few countries are showing SS3 3D, and luckily Philippine ELFs got the chance to witness the nerve wracking-goose-bumping Super Show concert ever.

Super Junior toured all over Asia for their 3rd Super Show last year. It is a 3 hour packed of energetic performances, song and dance numbers and many more.

Thousands already witnessed Super Junior's Super Show 3. But it never ended just like that. To satiate the hunger of craving ELFs, Super Junior brought SS3 3D to some respective countries for their fans to experience once again the lively concert right in front of their eyes with special 3D effects that will made the experience more remarkable.

Super Show 3D premiered in Philippines on October 14th, it was attended by selected media, VIPs and guests for them to get the opportunity to watch the show before everybody does.
Daily Kpop News was given invitation, thanks to Ms. Happee ^^

PULP Live Productions c/o Happee Sy-Go, who made Super Show 2 and Super Show 3 in the Philippines possible brings another treat to Philippine ELFs for having SS3 3D.

Because of the enthusiasm and unending support, Super Show 3D premiere was a success. Almost 2 hours of deafening screams and overwhelming responses from those who got to watch the premiere assure that this is definitely the greatest 3D show for every kpop fans.

With the total of 21 hit songs from Super Junior's Super Show 3 held in Seoul last year, such as Sorry Sorry, Don't Don, Twin's Knock Out, Bonamana, No Other and many more, it is surely enough to bring back the lively stage performances for one more time around. Get to see the boys' playful moments like you'd never seen them before. Added with brilliant 3D effects, it is guaranteed to let you witness Super Show 3 like you never experienced before.

Imagine yourself watching in the very first row of the concert hall, and the boys are just within your reach and up close.

So don't miss the chance, grab your tickets. It will be shown every weekend of October. Don't miss the fun. Take your sapphire blue light sticks, get ready for fanchants then go to the nearest cinema now!

Remember, opportunities slipped can't be taken back again.

Screening dates left:
October 22, 23, 29 and 30.

For the full set of details including time and place please refer to Ms. Happee's NOTE.
SS3 3D will be shown also not only in Manila but cities like Davao, Cebu, Pampanga and Iloilo.

To get further information like screening venue and ticket prices refer to MS HAPPEE's PAGE.

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