2PM performed at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur on the 25th November!

The boys performed a total of 25 songs on the concert,the tracklist of their concert is as shown below:
3.)Hands Up
4.)Crazy For You
5.)Wait and Tired
6.)Besides You (Junho and Woo Young)
7.)I Can't
8.)Give It To Me
9.)Dance Tonight
10.)My Valentine (Khun and Taecyeon)
11.)Revenger (Chansung)
12.)I'll Be Back
13.)I Hate You
14.)Back To You
15.)Alive (Junsu)
16.)Without You
17.)Only You
18.)10 Points Out Of 10
19.)Again And Again
20.)I'm Your Man
21.)Don't Stop Can't Stop
23.)Thank You
24.)10 Points Out of 10 (Remix)
25.)Hands Up (Remix)

Fans went wild with 2PM's hot performance.Maknae Chansung lives up to his nickname general Hwang with his outstanding martial artis skills during his solo performance.

Main vocal Kim Junsu showed off his amazing vocal and stunned Hottests with his solo performance for his solo song Alive.

Taecyeon and Nichkhun transformed into romantic guys singing Dream High's OST song My Valentine.Taecyeon garnered much attention with his muscular appearance while Nichkhun the Thai prince made fans' hearts fluttered with his angelic appearance.

Junho showed off his language talent by saying "Saya akan balik lagi,"a promise to Malaysian Hottest saying 2PM will comeback again next year.

Woo Young captured fans' hearts with his cute dance and adorable smile.

Check out some exclusive photos from the concerts below!

Special Thanks To Star Planet for providing DKPOPNEWS the opportunity to attend 2PM's concert tour in Malaysia!