SPECIAL Thanks to Running Into The Sun for the invitation

DKPOPNEWS was invited by the organizer of the 2011 SNSD's Asia Tour in Singapore on the 9th December at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I attended the concert on my own and honestly speaking i enjoyed the show very much.

The girls started the concert with the remix version of "Genie" (Tell Me Your Wish),fans from Indonesia ,Malaysia,Vietnam,Japan and Taiwan attended the show too to cheer for the girls with other Sones.

I was impressed by the effort shown by Sones to support the girls, fans purchased official light sticks,towels and t-shirts from the official booth set up by the organizer at the Premiere East Entrance.

Towels and T-shirts were sold out in minutes and i can see many Sones with the official light sticks during the show, i bought one too and the organizer RITS gave me another extra one during the press conference earlier today.
The girls performed a total of 33 songs including encore,check out the full song list below:
3.)Mr Taxi
4.)I'm In Love With The Hero
5.)Let It Rain
6.)Snowy Wish
7.)Sweet Talking Baby
8.)Kissing You
10.)Don't Stop The Music (Hyo Yeon solo)
11.)Almost (Jessica Solo)
12.)Three (Sunny)
13.)Lady Marmalade (Taeyeon and Tiffany)
14.)The Great Excape
15.)Bad Girl
16.)Run Devil Run
17.)Beautiful Stranger
18.)The Boys
20.)If (Yuri solo)
21.)Sway (Soo Young solo)
22.)Stuff Like That There (Seohyun solo)
23.)4 Minutes (Yoona solo)
24.)Danny Boy
26.)My Child
27.)Naeng Myung
28.)Hahaha Song
31.)Into The New World
32.)Way To Go

Without further ado,check out some photos from the concert,i will update with the photos of the Press Conference soon, stay tuned for more updates on SNSD's concert in Singapore!

Photo Source:Running Into The Sun

Official sponsors of 2011 Girls' Generation Singapore concert