First of all,special thanks to The Guitar Store for inviting DKPOPNEWS to attend Sungha Jung's Live in Kuala Lumpur Concert on the 4th December.

Our team members Peter and Phoebz attended the concert and the organizer The Guitar Store provided us a special opportunity to attend the interview section with Sungha Jung at 12.30pm on 5th December.

Sungha Jung had a total of 2 shows on the 4th December,at 5 and 8pm,the shows were both held at UCSI Auditorium-Level 3, South Wing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Both shows were sold out.

Our staff attended the 8pm show.Fans were able to interact with Sungha Jung during the autograph section after the show,he played a total of 14 songs on his concert and ended the show with 2 encores.

In addition,he showed off his talent as a fingerstyle guitarist with his guitar and ukulele.

Interview Section
-Sungha Jung is currently 15 years old, he started playing at the age of 9 to 10, but first started playing piano when he was 8 yrs old; however, he discovered that he had more interest in guitar thanks to his dad.

- Besides guitar, he enjoys playing ukulele too, he plays it for fun, media was surprise to know that he learned all the skills online

- Most of the songs are arranged by himself, his dad provides him with some help from time to time

- Q: how did u learn the song of super mario?
ANS: from Youtube, watched several videos and started to make arrangement myself on this song

- Q: who helped u to record all the videos and uploaded it on Youtube?
ANS: Mu father, when i was young i din't even know that my father uploaded my videos on Youtube, and i din't know that Youtube is so famous, then i just discovered that my videos got popular online

- Q: when was the very first time u were invited to perform after u got famous on utube?
ANS: when i was 12 yrs old, a korean guitar community software concert, invited me to perform

- Moreover,he mentioned that he started playing with fingerstyle under the influence of Kotaro Oshio, (3 notes fingerstyle), wanted to perform with him; when i was 13, kotaro held a concert in SEOUL and invited me as a guest, very happy to be given the opportunity to perform with him

- Q: other than kotaro who's ur fav musician?
ANS: jason mraz, bruno mars, big bang, 21

- currently learning electric guitar for 3 months
(his manager): he's progressing well and u guys will be seeing him playing electric guitars soon in the future

- Q: did u compose your own song other than making your own arrangement, when did you u start to compose?
ANS: start composing at the age of 12-13, it was after a concert of an Australian guitarist in korea, after that he composed a song 'Missing You'

- Q: which instrument are you interested / learning?
ANS: drums and jazz piano, i enjoy playing drums

- Q: besides music , what do u usually do? do you like playing video games, sports, watching tc..... etc
ANS: im staying at hostel in my school, i am not allowed to watch tv; but i love basketballs, favorite player- michael jordan

Additional details
- Regarding Ono yoko lennon news
~ (manager) it had become a big news in many newspaper about Ono Yoko Lennon (wife of john lennon from the beatles) who commented on his videos on utube
~ (sungha) i dunno who's she until i asked my dad, and im shocked when i find out that she's wife of john lennon

Reported by Phoebz and Peter
Written by Phoebz @ DKPOPNEWS.NET
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