B1A4 the 2nd episode!!! It’s bee updated on the Inkigayo’s home page!! [SBS Inkigayo] B1A4 the 2nd episode! Inkigayo magazine on-set story~ (link)
B1A4 has been updated onto the Inkigayo home page!! ^^ [SBS Inkigayo] B1A4 episode 1! It’s finally up… but I’ll forgive because the pictures are so pretty… (link)

CNU papa… *sob* That child is… oh my??
(It’s a teddy bear that looks like his son)

Yeah yah… I won’t force you to do something you don’t want to do, so lighten up a bit~
Haha, that facial expression Baro makes so often has such individuality it makes the studio explode with happiness~!
Taken in the waiting room from the September photo shoot for Inkigayo magazine~

“My tail! It’s my tail!!”
You look like you’re never going to let go of my Namsoonie… -?
It was said on this day Sandeulie and Namsoonie showed a great amount of PDA…
And… with Sun too…-?
Pick one!!

He’s sulking because I told him to pick one…
Sandeul is hiding in the corner…
It’s my fault Sandeul…-? Do whatever you want (I’ll give you Namsoonie)

This family has already been made!!!
There are family portraits everywhere!!

“Don’t look, don’t look!!! DON’T~~~~”
(…… Am I that bad, Sandeul??)

Our baro’s beauty potential has exploded!!!
Listen to what he says, his force is something else~!

Gongchanie has to look nice…
So they’re putting on make up all over him…
His eyes are wide open…
He’s going to have a BIIIIIG smile~~~

Channie fixes everything with his one smile rather than 10 words!!
Hurry hurry BIIIG smile!!

He’s not your son..?
You’re… squeezing him so hard…-? Ah, it’s how you express your love? Yeah yeah…
Anyways, don’t you think CNU is becoming more awesome by the day? (hehehe)

Jinyoung must like Namsoonie too, he wants to take a polariod with itso he’s petting it~I’ve never seen pink look so good on a guy, pink is the truth!

yeah yeah… 
eventually they took the picture like this.
confirmation shot with Namsoonie~ (Namsoonie was the most popular today…)

“The best cutie pie is right here~”
Sandeulie has become so friendly with the sun *pat pat*~
The Sun is always so mean to the rest of us…
But she’s never talked back to Sandeul and is showing him so much aegyo„,
Really calmly..
(I feel betrayed..-? Sun, I took such good care of you too!!)

Look here…
Sandeulie and the Sun are in love and are about to head to dream land…
The Sun is so happy she’s wagging her tail so much that I can’t even see it!!!!
*sob sob* I’m not going to play with the Sun anymore…-?

….well„, because I’m Sandeul I’ll share…-?

sources: dummysama + sbs inkigayo magazine

trans cr: mr. Jiyoung @ AVIATEB1A4