Brave Girls celebrates their Maknae Hyeran's graduation from High School.

On the 15th of February, Brave Girls updated their official site and posted, "Congratulations to our maknae Hyeran for graduating! It has been a while since we all went out and as a gift we visited the amusement park and played a lot of games, It's been a while since we spent our weekend just hanging out".

Along with the photo, Brave girls shared a couple of photo's of themselves looking chic and pretty wearing different headbands at the amusement park. Despite the girl's busy schedule preparing for their comeback, they still found time to take a break and celebrate their maknae's graduation from High School.
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Netizens commented, "They look really cute and fashionable at the amusement park", "Congratulations on your gradation!", "They are so pretty". Meanwhile, Brave girls will be having their comeback this February 22 with a release of a new song produced by Brave brothers.