Actor Jang Hyuk is currently receiving special training in preparation for his upcoming movie "Cold."

Jang Hyuk is learning how to rescue people for his role as a fire fighter in the movie. His agency manager said, "Jang Hyuk has been going around fire stations learning how to save lives for his role in 'Cold'. The movie will start shooting in July."

Jang Hyeok was active last year with SBS TV drama "Midas" and "Deep-rooted Tree" and will be returning this year with "Cold".

This movie is a collaboration between chairmen Jung Hoon Tak of Sidus, Ahn Byung Ki of Toilet Pictures and Kim Gwang Soo of Core Contents Media.

While a fatal virus is spreading out, fireman Kang Ji Goo and wife Cha In Hye search for the host of this virus. Jo In Sung was the initial cast for the drama but Jang Hyuk got the role eventually.

Source: hancinema