2PM member Nichkhun Horvejkul and Thai actor Peach Putchara are the representatives who are trained and creative and have perfect capability. They step forward towards their success . Nichkhun is the only Thai member in the famous Korean boyband 2PM under JYP Entertainment. He was accepted since he is so determined and talented. He has various talents, both music and dancing. Moreover, he is so good in both skill. He speaks many languages such as English , Thai , Korean and Japanese. 
Q: Behind the success of the new generation idol
Nichkhun : Actually, I never thought that I will become a celebrity and inspires others. When I was young I was a shy kid. I was so afraid to speak in front of the class. But to be like this today, I was inspired by my family members and Thai people who are cheering me as a Thai representative. So I tried my best in every step. we have to face obstacles and problems but we have to concentrate and give effort in everything. Do your best so you can develop your skills and you will achieve what you want.
Q: Before being Brand’s presenter did both of you follow your works?
Nickhun: I watched both movies of Peach. My fans asked if did I see the movies. Then they sent me the DVDs. I am so inspired by his role and he has a good acting. I can’t believe that was his first movie. After I talked to him he said he wasn’t that good. He wasn't good at first but he was good because of his cleverness and resourcefulness and also his endeavor. Working with him, I found that he is an easygoing and really concentrate with his work. I admired him.
Q: How do you feel to be chosen as a Brand’s Duo?
Nichkhun : I feel honored and so glad. Actually I drink brands 2 bottles a day. Sometimes, I feel tired but when I drink it, it's like my body is full of energy. For the lyrics of the theme song “extend your challenge for your ultimate future” are from my real life. There is a lot of opportunities coming to me. I face the new challenge as a new experience for me to learn the new things all the time. In this ads made me meet Peach that really match each other. I wish this ads will inspire other who wants to move on to another step of success. I wish everyone could do their best to reach their goals.

translation by tkkt@followkhun
Edited by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net