Nichkhun Horvejkul, the Thai guy in the South Korean boyband 2PM, is an ever-resent personality, appearing regularly here in concerts, on TV and in commercials.
But he’s hardly ever in Thailand for more than a few hours before he has to get back on a plane and return to Seoul. The best his family can hope for is a quick hug in the hotel room.
Since joining 2PM, Nichkhun’s longest visit back home was for the production of “Rak Jed Pee Dee Jed Hon”, the omnibus movie project to celebrate the seventh anniversary of film studio GTH. It’ll be released in July.
Nichkhun says he wishes he could spend more time in his homeland. And his 2PM bandmates are anxious to have an extended Thai holiday, maybe with Nichkhun as their tour guide. 
But who knows when they’ll ever get a break? The Korean boys will all have to report for military duty – that’s the best chance for them to relax. And then, hopefully, Nichkhun can take a little R-and-R as well.