Musical actress Ok Joo Hyun has recently opened up about her personal life by sending a heartfelt thanks to her boyfriend of seven years.

The former Fin.K.L member was awarded the Best Female Lead award at the 6th The Musical Awards that took place on June 4th, for her role in the musical. She gave her acceptance speech tearfully saying, “I had told myself that if by chance I win, I better not cry. But the tears are just flowing. Thank you so much. Thank you for allowing me to take on such a great project.”

She continued on, “I want to share this honor with Jeff, a long-time friend of mine, who helped me to interpret the original script that I bought not too long ago.”

This mystery Jeff--Jeff Chang to be specific-- is described as a tall man with charming, gentleman-like looks and a social personality. Chang is currently working at the Korea Times and is the oldest son of the head of the Korea Times publication in the United States.

Ock Joo Hyun had first revealed that she was in a relationship with Chang in April of 2006.

Source: KBS World