Jungah became a guest before in the sitcom MBC's "Reckless Family" last September 21st and 24th. Recently, it has been revealed that she will officially join the sitcom together with ZE:A's Heechul on its second season.

The two will be playing as siblings, Jungah will be the second daughter and Heechul will be the youngest son. The first episode has been recently filmed together with new family members joining the sitcom including Lee Kyein, Choi Ran, Ji Sangryul, and Jang Dongmin.

During the filming, Jungah made a few hilarious scenes due to her unexpected stiff body posture in the yoga scene, which made her look cute and a whole new person while removing her usual charismatic look as After School's leader.

The first episode of MBC's "Reckless Family 2" will air on October 9th at 5PM KST.

Source: AfterSchoolDaze, MyDaily
Cr: Litney@as-afterparty