On MBLAQ Every1’s Idol Manager Episode 7 that is broadcasting Friday, September 28th at 6:00PM will show various scenes of their healing workshop. “I see” game in order to further understand each other, reading letters MBLAQ’s parents sent, and dance practice on-site will be revealed.

During the broadcast, in order to loosen the sentiments and mutually understand each other, began “I see” game.  MBLAQ members brought laughter during recording with their unstoppable disclosures.

Manager Kim Sae Rom regretfully expresses her feelings about the dodgeball game in which Seungho kept hitting her. Seungho confided that due to standing next to Sae Rom, who is always in high heels, suffered humiliation.

Then Sae Rom responded “I see..due to having a short stature, first time experiencing a sense humiliation, “ causing the staff burst into laughter.

In addition, MBLAQ members and the three female ‘beauties’ unstoppable talks will be disclosed on Idol Manager’s
September 28th 6PM broadcasting.

CHINESE TO ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  liliceprincess @AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.