This time, we got the opportunity to cover Kim Jaejoong 1st Fanmeeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Press Conference (Without Kim Jaejoong) of Kim Jaejoong 1st Fanmeeting was held today (8th October 2012) on fX f3 atrium, Jakarta.

Kim Jaejoong 1st Fanmeeting in Jakarta is organized by SH Entertainment (@SH_Entertainment)and  will be held at MEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium) Ancol, Jakarta on 3rd November 2012.
At the Fanmeeting that will be held on 3rd Nov,he'll interact with fans, not only singing but will also play games, talking session and other interesting activities. Besides, there'll be a lucky draw session for fans; for the lucky fans they'll get a chance to join the high five session with Jaejoong.

For the ticket, you can purchase from rajakarcis, or at the panorama tour office, There are three types of tickets; Elephant (IDR 1,500,000), Bear (IDR 1,000,000), and Puppy (IDR 600,000),the names chosen based on Jaejoong's favorite animals. Also, there'll be the 'Kitty' class but only for those who invited. 
The promoter also stated, if Jaejoong 1st fanmeeting is successful, they'll try to invite JYJ for concert in Indonesia next year.

We'll possibly cover the fanmeeting too, so stay tuned!

Credits: Imaayu and Shuangli