2PM’s 5th Japanese single “Masquerade” is heating up Japanese fans with its lasting popularity.

2PM released its 5th single “Masquerade” in Japan on November 14th, and has recorded #1 in Tower Records Singles Sales Chart for 2 weeks in a row. Following with #2 rank in Oricon Weekly Singles Chart on the 2nd week of the release, the album has showed of its passionate popularity by consistently recording Daily Chart TOP5, such as #4 and #3.

Though many popular artists in Japan get excellent results in Oricon Charts and Tower Records Charts in the first week of their release, according to the officials, it is exceptional to rank TOP5 during the 2nd week of the release, ensuring 2PM’s stable popularity in Japan.

In addition, as 2PM has recently made a marvelous record of ‘#1 in Singles Sales of All Time’ among all genres in Tower Records Shibuya Store, the world’s largest records store, with its 4th single “Beautiful”, the current album receives more popularity than the old Single by recording #1 in Tower Records Weekly Chart of the Singles Sales for 2 weeks in a row. This new album is highly expected to break the record of the 4th Single that they have made.