SBS’ well-loved program, ‘Strong Heart’ will hold its last shoot on January 17.

A representative stated that ‘Strong Heart’ will be discontinued after producer Park Sang Hyuk, who has been directing the show for three years, announced that he will be leaving the country. And as the abolition of the program was decided, MC Lee Dong Wook will be taking off of the program.

SBS is said to be considering a variety of options such as modifying the show or replacing ‘Strong Heart’ with a new show. However, media outlets have reported that another show, which was created by producers Choi Youngin and Shin Hyo Jung, has been set up and may take over the current time slot of the show.

It has been revealed that Shin Dong Yup is currently being considered for the MC role for the new show while Lee Dong Wook confirmed to be leaving variety show in order to continue his career as an actor.