"FC ONE" is a football club founded in 2012 by the Korean entertainers who have passion for soccer.

It gathers singers like Jang Woo Hyuk, 4Men's Kim Won-ju and Young Jae, Miracle's Kim Piruchu, ZE:A's Dong Jun, B2St's Yoon Do~ujun and Lee Gigu~an, U-KISS' Ho, BIGBANG's Sunri, Super Junior's Yeson, SS501's E Johnsen, and Yurisangja's Lee Sejun; actors like 

Seo per hour, Uhm Ki, Park Gun Hyung, Jo Han Sun, Park Giun, Choi Jinyoku, Lee Jong-seok, Kill Kumuson, Lee Mino, and Park Ji Bin; and comedian like Kim Yong.

Now, INFINITE's Woohyun has joined the list above. He will be one with the goal of developing Korean football and making charity events.
written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: fcone