Singer Lee JungHyun wants to do have a duet with Yang Yoseob.

During Lee JungHyun's guesting on MBC radio station ’2 o’clock date with Park KyungRim’, she talked about the affection she has for BEAST member Yang Yoseob. Song 'Caffeine' by Yoseob was played during the broadcast, JungHyun couldn't help but showed her strong affection for the idol group member.

Lee JungHyun said "Whenever I listen to this song, I feel something different about BEAST. Yoseob's voice is really...". DJ Park Kyungrim then asked her "Would you like to work with Yoseob for your next album?" to which she replied "I need to request for a duet with him."

She also shared a story about her encountered with BEAST, "I met BEAST in the waiting room before and shouted 'Yang Yoseob' and other members looked disappointed. I actually like BEAST." concluding the topic.

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