The upcoming KBS drama ‘Expect Dating’ released new stills of BoA, ZE:A’s Siwan and actor Choi Daniel, bringing more excitement to the viewers.

On August 30, the production team released photos of BoA and Choi Daniel meeting in the rain. They are holding up pastel tone umbrellas that match their outfits, and many viewers are looking forward to seeing the two stars of the same age together on the small screen.

Siwan also drew attention on his new still cuts who transformed himselfs into a neat and good-looking guy. He is also seen holding a bouquet of roses and a giant teddy bear about twice his size, getting ready to ask her girl out.

In addition, BoA and Choi Daniel bid farewell to one and a half month’s shooting of their new drama. BoA shared on her Instagram, “Cha Gi Dae and Joo Yeon's final scene finished. Gi Dae, thank you^^”, and posted a photo of herself and Choi Daniel posing together intimately.

Meanwhile, ‘Expect Dating’ will air on September 11th and 12th through KBS 2TV.