After a week of their 'Rocking' comeback stage, Teen Top won 1st on September 6th episode of KBS Music Bank against EXO.

To this, the members individually thanked their fans.

Teen Top official twitter posted a group photo with caption, "Angels, we love you!! We are very happy. With this love that you have given us, let’s be together forever. Thank you♡♡"

L.Joe also tweeted a photo of their throphy and wrote on his twitter, "Thank you Angels I Love You♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡". 

Meanwhile, Niel posted a selca and gives a special treat for their fans as he wrote, "I'm really happy today~! Really!! From now till the day ends, free~! food and drinks at Dani Cafe~! Eat all you want~^^ thank you to all that suffered with us and worked hard with us and I love you~~♥

Congratulations to Teen Top for their 1st 'Rocking' win.