2PM's Nickhun recently attended the 30th Thailand International Motor Expo 2013 on December 10. In this event, he met his fans and presented prizes for them.

However, one courageous fanboy must be feeling nervous being in front of Nickhun that he didn't realized he was touching his 'back' when they have their photo taken.

Nickhun, who is naturally kind to his fans, cutely reacted afterwards and even faces the audience telling them that he touched it. Fans were amused to his reaction and kind gestures even though it's not an appropriate act.

They commented, "Such a nice man, he didn't get furious even though it's wrong.","I think the fanboy didn't do it intentionally, but still cute Nickhun.","His reaction is too funny!","I like him even more!" and so on.

Watch the fantaken clip below:

Would you react the same like him?

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net
Video by MSPABO@Youtube