On February 21st, it was revealed that singer Baek Ji Young will be participating in Korea-Vietnam collaborative audition program, 'LOTTE VK-POP SUPER STAR'.

'LOTTE VK-POP SUPER STAR' is an audition program sponsored by Lotte Group, and co-produced by Korea's agency, Rainbow Bridge and Vietnam's VNK.

During the program, top 15 participants will be invited to Korea for trainings under Rainbow Bridge, and the final winner will be able to make an official debut in Vietnam with a song written by producer Kim Do Hoon.

Baek Ji Young will be appearing on the final round as one of the judges who will choose the top 15 participants heading to Korea. She used to be a judge for "Superstar K" and "Voice Korea" in Korea but this is the first time a Korean singer will be a judge at a global audition, making fans anticipated.

Baek Ji Young will be leaving for Vietnam on February 24 and will do her best in helping participants to get ready for next rounds, as well as encourage them by showing huge supports.