On April 16th, Son Ho Young made his 1st TV appearance on channel O'live TV's 'Share House' after 10 months of break.

Last year, Son Ho Young's girlfriend committed suicide, making him suffer a mental breakdown and he decided to stop his career, disappear for a period of time. His comeback through 'Share House' after 10 months received a lot of attention.

Son Ho Young said, "I did nothing during last 10 months. I could not work, and I just kept drinking."

He added, "I missed my fans, too. I hope I would get better and better and show a brighter image from the next episode."

Meanwhile, Son Ho Young, Choi Hee, Lee Sang Min, Woo Hee, Choi Sung Jun, Chun Yi Seul, Song Hae Na, Kim Jae Woong, and Hwang Young Rong are going to appear on 'Share House' as the official members.