On the May 2nd episode of jTBC's 'Witch Hunting,' Kahi appeared as its guest where she shared about her frightening experience with her past relationship.

Kahi opened up about her ex-boyfriend who became so into her. She said, "I told him that I want to call it quit already, but he told me that doing so will lead him committing suicide. He scared me by telling that he was on their veranda, and he would jump off if I do not answer. I really tried to calm him for three hours, but I was unsuccessful."  

Kahi showed a puzzled look when Shin Dong Yeop said this, "I'm quite sure that he's still appearing on TV."

Sung Si Kyung gave his comment also, "People who experienced the same as Kahi's won't be able to forget that because accidents may happen with such emotional acts."

What would you do if your partner says he/ she will commit suicide when you break with him/her?

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: Star News