Gary of Leessangvisited Hong Kong fans on 8th of June, Sunday at Metro City Plaza near Po Lam MTR Station. Gary's first Hong Kong fan meeting ,was organised by SMILES Production & Jasco. 
            Truly a lot of fans packed the area to see Gary who is also starring in the famous Korean reality show Running Man. Gary greeted the fans with his signature hearty laughter and shouted out loud a few lines in Chinese like “ngo oi nei” and “jia you” that he eagerly practiced.

In celebration of the coming 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup, Hong Kong movie star Dada Chan came on stage with the World Cup mascot as a present for Gary. A few selected fans were invited to play fun games using soccer balls with Gary and Dada. After successfully fulfilling the game's mission, Gary and Dada gave out memorable gifts by kicking Gary’s sign balls toward the audience. In return, members of Gary’s fan club delivered various presents from cake to fan letter, cushion, and T-shirt. Gary thanked them greatly by giving them deep, warm hugs.

During press conference, Gary expressed his love for Hong Kong and his fans. So far, he had visited Hong Kong several times. Moreover, he particularly enjoyed hanging out in SOHO and having dimsum such as xiao long bao. He said he was very grateful and honored to be warmly welcomed every time and to rank No.1 on HK iTunes chart with his new single “Your Scent”. He also promised to visit Hong Kong more often and said he wishes to come with his collaborating partner Jung In to sing and perform on his next visit.

When asked about his opinion on World Cup, Gary stated his all-time passion for soccer and his plan to watch and cheer for Korea’s national team till late night with his friends and of course, with Chimek (fried chicken and beer), the universally popular match of Korean late-night snack. Lastly, he said that he would dream to see Korea win the World Cup once before his death.

To everybody’s surprise, Gary proposed a special event for the day. He asked all of his fans to chant with him “I love you” so that they can be part of the music video for his new title track. Gary came down from the stage and went over to the fans’ side to make a beautiful harmony and form even closer bonds together.

Finally, a handful of lucky early birds among the fans could come on stage to get Gary’s autograph. Gary happily greeted each and every one of them, and he would never lose his big bright smile until the end of the event.

Reported by Connie Park and Soomin.
Credits to Pan, Ken ...

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