On June 24, on the latest episode of 1 vs 100 aired on KBS channel, Sistar member Soyou made an appearance and answered some questions from the host.

She was asked in her opinion, which Sistar member would marry first. She replied, "Among the SISTAR members, I think the youngest, Dasom, will be the first to marry. I think she'll go first without concerning much. Bora also said she wanted to get married quickly, so she is next. Hyorin and I have more career ambitions, but in the end, I think I'll be the last one."

When being asked about her ideal type, she chose actor Gong Yoo and Lee Jae Hoon and revealed, "It doesn't matter how much older he is as long as we can communicate and don't feel the age gap. However, he must be younger than my mom.", making the studio full of laughter.