KBS' upcoming drama "High School: Love On" has unveiled some new behind the scene cuts of the main cast.

In the still cuts, Woohyun, Sungyeol and Kim Saeron all showed off their bright expressions and even made cute V signs towards the camera. As the new drama takes on the friendship theme, many people are anticipating to see how well their chemistry will work together.

For the characters, Woohyun will act as "Shin Woohyun" who is full of charisma and has a bright personality. Sungyeol will play as "Hwang Sungyeol" who is a cold guy and will be Woohyun's rival in school. Kim Saeron will be the angel Lee Seulbi who becomes human while to save a boy who is in danger.

"High School: Love On" will start its first broadcast on June 27th at 8:55pm kst.