Yoon JongShin, idol group Teen Top, and Kim YeRim attend the press conference of the upcoming ambitious mocumentary Mnet program 'Entertain Us' on July 29 at the Media Hall of CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

The program's concept is to bind the dark reality of today's entertainment in a form of drama and reality show. Scandals of artists and other issues will be portrayed by the cast injecting rumor and wits.

It will produced by ‘The God of Music’ and ‘The Enemy of Broadcasting' producer Park Junsu PD with Yoon JongShin as the principal character. According to Park PD, the plot is based from reality and contains illegal and absurd things that might pricked the conscience of some.

Teen Top, an idol group who has shown innocence and purity will be the main cast and will get to experience things they haven't experienced before. Kim YeRim will form a loveline with Teen Top Chunji.

Mnet's 'Entertain Us' premieres on July 31.