South Korea’s rising “actor-group”, 5urprise, visited Hong Kong for the first time on 24th of August, Sunday at Metroplaza in Kwai Fong. Organized by SMILES Production & Jacso, the first-ever fan meeting of 5urprise was a big success with 4 floors completely filled up by their local fans in Hong Kong. 

Upon their arrival, each member greeted their Hong Kong fans in well-prepared Cantonese, followed by individual introduction, also in Cantonese. When asked about their first impression of Hong Kong, Seo Kang-Jun replied that “[he] has always wanted to visit the city, but couldn’t afford the time to”, then he added that, “[he] has never seen so many fans at once, and that [he] already wants to revisit Hong Kong soon”. Lee Tae-Hwan also added that “[he] was surprised by the fans’ cheer, and that [he] finds all of [their] Hong Kong fans beautiful”. 

When asked about the first drama series that was a hit in China—“After school, Lucky or Not”—featured by the entire group, and about an unforgettable episode during filming, Tae-Oh recalled that their mission to shoot a movie on their own was most memorable because they had genuinely enjoyed the process. 

The group announced that their future plan is to continue their individual performance and activities, but most important of all, is to prepare their first studio album that is about to release soon.

To provide an opportunity for the fans to meet 5urprise closer, 10 of the selected fans were invited up on stage to play various games with the members such as charades, staring game, balloon game, and ‘telephone’ in Cantonese. Each of these fans returned with small gifts as well as a hearty hug from each of the member. In return, the group received nicely catered cupcakes with each member’s initials engraved, and a handmade poster prepared by their fans. 

5urprise, a group of five newbie actors—Seo Kang-Jun, Lee Tae-Hwan, Yoo-il, Kang Tae-Oh, and Gong-Myung—debuted just last year. They are an unprecedented “actor-idol” group that aspires to perform not only in acting, but also in singing as well as in dancing. Seo Kang-Jun, out of the five, is most well exposed to the public through dramas and show program such as “Cunning Single Lady” and “Roommate”, where he gained much of his popularity both domestically as well as internationally.

Reported by Ana Han
Photographed by Vienna, Shelley Lau

Check out the videos:
5urprise entering the stage and introduce themselves in Cantonese

Seo Kang Jun playing the ‘telephone game’ in Cantonese

5urprise saying “ I love you” in Cantonese (with poses)