Korean actress Chae Rim and Chinese actor Gao Zi Qi have just released their sweet wedding pictorials through the latest issue of ‘ELLE BRIDE’ magazine.

In the interview with ELLE, Chae Rim talked about how she met Gao Zi Qi for the first time, and how she fell in love with him: "I really have no plans of getting married, but Gao Zi Qi was the kind of man that I always imagined about, so I changed my mind."

She continued, “I was moved by his sincere attitude. On the day of the propose, I ended up crying, Gao Zi Qi was also crying”.

Gao Zi Qi also revealed his thoughts on his wife-to-be, “I thought she was a very cold person at first, but then I realized that she is very warm and friendly”. Chae Rim also praised her husband-to-be that he was more mature than his age and realized that she could not live her life without him.

The full photoshoot and interview can be found in the latest issue of ‘ELLE BRIDE’ magazine.