On MBC 'Real Men' Female Special episode aired on August 24th, the female casts including Hye Ri, Hong Eun Hee, La Mi Ran, Park Seung Hee, Kim So Yeon, G.Na, and Mang Seung Ji had to undergo their physical examinations.

All of them are a bit embarrassed as their actual body weights and heights were found out to be different from the data on their online profile.

Girl's day Hyeri attracted public's attention as her online profile tells that she is 167 tall and weights 47kg. However, her actual height was found out to be 166cm, and the weight was 51kg.

During the interview, Hyeri said, "The microphone is too heavy. Just take 1~2kg out from that", as a reason to the change of weight.

Meanwhile, people had shown their interest in female special episode of 'Real Men' because the ratings for 1st episode is quite good.