South Korea’s hottest model-turned actor, Kim Woo Bin, visited his Hong Kong fans on 16thof August, Saturday at Windsor House in Causeway Bay. In his second Hong Kong fan meeting, organized by SMILES Production and Jasco, he promoted his most recent Korean film “Friend 2”. 

            Many Hong Kong fans packed the area to see Kim Woo Bin, who gained his support from popular Korean dramas, such as “School 2013” and “The Heirs”. Upon his arrival, Kim Woo Bin greeted the fans in Chinese, saying “da jia hao”, and made numerous eye contacts with not only the fans on the ground floor, but also with those on the upper second and third floors as well.

             To promote Kim Woo Bin’s new release as well as providing an opportunity for more integration between the star and his fans, few selected fans were invited to play jeopardy, testing their background knowledge on Kim Woo Bin.  After successfully accomplishing the mission of the game, Kim Woo Bin gave each of his fans on stage a hearty hug to show his gratitude for their support. 


            During following press conference, Kim Woo Bin expressed his respect and gratitude towards the director and senior actors of the film “Friend 2”, for their helpful advises and support. He said, “It would not have been possible without them”.  


The star also emphasized about how the atmosphere of the set between filmmaking and drama making influenced his acting. While he admits that most of his past roles had been on rebellious characters, he said there was much more time for him to indulge into the character development in his most recent film “Friend 2”. 

Lastly, Kim Woo Bin left the stage thanking his fans for spending their valuable time for him and hoping to meet again in the near future. He also asked the fans to continue their support for Korean cinema.

Watch the exclusive fan cam video below to see Kim Woo Bin waving and making eye contact with his fans! 

Reported by Ana Han
Photographed by Pan, Rin Kim