Real name: Kim Bum Soo (김범수)
Birthday: January 26, 1979
Label: Polaris Entertainment
Occupations: singer, radio host
Genres: Ballad, R&B, Soul
Education: Joongbu University, majored in music

- He is well-known with the song "bogo shipda" (I miss you) which is the theme song of Korean drama 'Stairway to Heaven'.
- He is the first Korean artist to make a mark on the North American music charts, with his song 'Hello Goodbye Hello' ranked as the 51st spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2001
 - He was in KBS's variety show "Barefoot Friends"
- He is a very clean person
- He is a DJ for Gayo Kwangjang, a radio program on KBS 2FM 89.1mHz.

His latest song: