ZE:A's Taehun is finally achieving his dream by debuting as an MMA fighter on September 12, making him the first active idol to do so.

Taehun made his debut fight at the “Revolution 2 – Start of a Revolution” which took place in Seoul Olympic Park’s Handball Arena. However, Taehun lost to a strong Japanese fighter Tanaka.

Since the start of the round, Tanaka was in full offense but Taehun has shown calm defense. During the 1st round, Tanaka gave Taehun a knee kick resulted for the game to stop temporarily. The game ended in 3 minutes after Taeheon received a guillotine choke from Tanaka, resulting to the latter's victory.

Meanwhile, messages of support and praises have been posted to cheer Taeheon up such as, "You tried your best by going up with a strong fighter. So proud of you.","Win or lose you've fought well. Cognratulations on your MMA debut!","I am so impressed how passionate you are.","Oppa I don't want to see you getting hit like that, but I'm still proud of you," and so on.

Congratulations for your MMA debut Taeheon!