Gary's first solo showcase was held at Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC) Hong Kong on 30th September 2014, along with famous female singer, Jung-in. Organized by Jacso and Sun entertainment, the Gary first-ever Hong Kong solo showcase was a big success.

The show began with Gary singing "zotto mola" and "shower later", followed by a warm welcome in Cantonese and saying "I love you" to all his audiences. He was particularly touched by his fans, who prepared "dim sums" for him on his arrival.

After playing a few games with audiences, he sang "you're the answer to a guy like me". When he invited Jung-in to perform the song, "your scent", audiences started to scream and cheer, waving their glow sticks as well as singing along.

Throughout the showcase, Gary and Jung-in also sang "bicycle", "the girl who can't breakup and the guy who can't leave", "drunken night tune" and "rush". He emphasized that he really loves Hong Kong and promised to come back as soon as possible, "I promise I will come back next year and perform my latest music tracks to you all, but I hope by that time, everyone will stand up and dance with me."

During the press conference, Gary felt that he was too nervous and could have done better in the showcase, as the number of audiences were far more than he expected. Then, he thanked all his fans from Korea and Hong Kong for supporting him all the way since he started to perform in Running man.

At the end of the conference, Gary was being asked whether he misses Song Ji-hyo, he replied with a smile: "I would love to perform with her in Hong Kong as Monday Couple".
Reported by Sharon
Photographed by Andrew, Sharlotte

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