MBLAQ member Mir has spoken up regarding the speculation among their fans regarding the group's military enlistment that would put them on hiatus.

On October 9, the creative director of MBLAQ's upcoming concert 'Curtain Call' Randy Noh, put A+ in deep anxiousness and panic when his instagram post suggested that members are preparing for military enlistment after the concert and won't be promoting for some time.

To ease fans' worries, Mir posted a message through their fancafe,

“Title: Hello, this is Mir.

From the title it feels strange, isn't?

Now I'm using my phone to type so I don't have any idea what's what..I feel like I must talk to everyone so I'm leaving this post here..because I don't think it's proper to post this on twitter.. heo heo.

Because it appears like most of you are full of worries and hatred so my heart hurts..

Different speculations have emerged quickly and these become the truth. I'm sorry for making everyone anxious because of this..

Members (we) are going to assure to tell you perosnally so you don't have to be worried..

As for now, close your eyes and cover your ears.. what is our 1st priority is we think we should not disappoint our fans.. same as like now.. so please wait a bit more.. We have to be MBLAQ that keep promises..!!

And also the weather nowadays gets colderㅠ be always careful not to catch cold, study well, work hard, and play a lot too.. please don't be hurt..ㅠㅁㅠ We will return with good news for you soon~to be continued."

With his write up, it seems like it's not yet the time for fans to be worrying but to spend more time with the members and support them for their upcoming concert.