Shinhwa's Junjin and actress Yoon Jin Yi have officially denied the rumour about their relationship.

Earlier today on October 21st, Junjin and Yoon Jin Yi were spotted spending a vacation together in Singapore. The rumours are spreading rapidly online as they were seen enjoying their trip by many citizen.

According to an media outlet, both of them knew each other at a gathering earlier this year and have started developing feelings for each other since then. The source said Junjin fell for Yoon Jin Yi' bright and cheerful personality while the actress fell for his manly character. In particular, Yoon Jin Yi was seen attending Junjin's talk concert last August which has raised much questions about the two's relationship.

However, both sides later came out and denied the report about them dating each other.Yoon Jin Yi's rep stated,"We checked with her and it's true that she did went on a trip to Singapore, but not with Shinhwa's Junjin but with her friend, Her manager also went with her". Junjin's rep also admitted that the two did met each other at a gathering, but they are not dating each other.